Dill –

Kale –
Thriving even in frost, kale is an easy-to-grow green that keeps on giving.

Collard Greens –
Slightly bittersweet large green leaves. A good source of vitamin C and soluble fiber. Contains multiple nutrients with potent anti-cancer properties.

Garlic –

Radicchio –
Sometimes known as Italian chicory which usually has white-veined red leaves – it has a bitter and spicy taste, which mellows when it is grilled or roasted

Tomato –

Fresh Rosemary –

Fresh Basil –

Fresh Oregano –

Cilantro –

Our Bread –
The insides of this one of a kind Italian/Portuguese bread are removed making it the perfect light bread-contains whole wheat.

Panna Cotta –
Panna (Cream), Cotta (cooked) – has a flan consistency only it is prepared without egg.Topped with a strawberry port wine sauce